Land of the Rising Sun-Morning in Washington state

Hello IFC, I’m back again with some more photos for y’all today. A few days ago when Japan was featured I took a flight from Tokyo to Seattle. I have nothin else to say so let’s move on to the pictures!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Japan Airlines Boeing 787
Flight time: 8hrs 20mins
Server: Expert

Beautiful takeoff as Mt. Fuji towers in the back

Aleutian Islands

British Columbia

Olympic National Park

Droppin our gear down with the beautiful Mount
Rainier in the background

After a rough landing we taxi back to the gate as an Alaskan 737 heads to runway 16L

I tried a different photo editor today so please let me know your thoughts and opinions on these :)


Great edits and photos keep at it :)

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Thank you!

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These pictures are incredible, super well done!

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Nice job! What photo editor did you use

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Fantastic pictures! And this one here is just really stunning:

Very well done, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!

Thanks! I used Lightroom :)

Thank you Julian :)


Those are awesome! great work :)

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These are amazing! I love mountains 🏔

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Thank you very much :)

Thanks! I love mountains too!

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Love the pictures! The pic on approach with the mountain is cool.

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How many mountain ranges did you go by? Wow great shots dude!

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beautiful pics!😍

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Thank you!

Thanks! I flew past a couple small mountain ranges :)

Thank you :)

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I know this is late but amazing shots! And congrats on getting regular!