Land down under fire season

“ Buying bread from a man in Brussels He was six-foot-four and full of muscles I said, “do you speak-a my language?” He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich And he said I come from a land down under!”

We go down under to 2019/2020 fire season! Already in full affect this year Coulson Aviation deployed Tanker 138, one of two 737-300s that were converted to fight fires. Tanker 137 is in the US currently in CWN

Back for another season in Australia. The Skycrane,
N154AC Georgia Peach. … Perth
N247AC Jerry … Bankstown
N189AC Gypsy Lady… Bankstown
N194AC Delilah… Moorabin
N218AC Elsie… Brukunga/Adelaide
N243AC Marty… Melbourne

Last season Erickson made international news when one of the Cranes went down after colliding with a dam. Everyone survived.
212s/412s along with the beast 214Bs are back this year! Again being busy as ever from local companies.

ConAir a Canadian Base company has sent several BAes to Aussie this year! They continue to serve with the NFS

Tanker 165 and 166 served in Alaska this summer before being released to Australia.

The ever so popular fire bosses remain on call with both float and land base operations!

10 Tanker Air Carrier is not sure if they will be called up. All four tankers remain in the US in California as it begins to burn again. As this winter begins we will keep you updated on fire operations!


It’s not even summer yet us Aussies are already getting effected by the fires. I hope we don’t see as many as last year/the beginning of this year and hopefully not a repeat of Black Saturday. We’re gonna be in for a very hot and long summer.

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We tried send machines down there but Australia didn’t want to pay for the Antonov to carry our machines down, hopefully it isn’t to crazy this upcoming season!

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From watching the news, they say there is going to be more bush fires this season. It’s already been a shocker this season, with the Peregian Fires devastating homes on the Sunshine Coast, and another one that stated up there not long ago. There’s still bush fires burning across the east coast that are devastating. Its really sad to see Australia suffer with these fires.


Been following them recently, going be a busy year for the crews

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I live where the main base for the larger aircraft are based, in Coffs Harbour. Because of this, I have some pictures of these aircraft which are pictured below…

C-GVFK, a BAE146 (or Avro RJ85) on final for runway 21, after a mission in Tenterfield…

N138CG, a Boeing 737-3H4 also on final for runway 21 after a mission in Port Macquarie…

These firefighters are really battling these blazes/bushfires with as much force as they have. Which, is really amazing.

Really nice post!


Got to work with Tanker 165 this summer really fun crew! Great shot of Tanker 165 and 138!

These pictures are just gorgeous 😍


A few days ago when I was in NSW the smell of wood burning was sooo strong. Not good but this is only the beginning of the the season it’s gonna get alot worse

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Gets worse every year. Especially with hardly any water in the country.

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