Lan Cargo Colombia Boeing 767-300F

CC-CZZ | Boeing 767-316F(ER) | LAN Cargo | Alexandre Fazan | JetPhotos


I like it a lot! That photo is great!

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Great livery! Definetly needed!

my opinion isn’t biased at all Lol


I agree, this would a beautiful livery to have, especially if we get a 757/767 rework. :)

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😱😱😱 Three LAN tails in one picture! I’m going to pass out any time now…
Jokes apart, the livery is great!


4, if you count LATAM. :)

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Okay fine, whatever, but I counted only LAN and also don’t disturb me I’m about to pass out… 😴😴

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MEDIC!! The livery looks great and it should be added to IF!

😱😱😱😱 It’s beautiful, needed in IF!!! 😍😍😍😍😍