LAN Argentina Ceases operation

After 15 years of service, LAN Argentina has ceased operations. The airline stopped flying on June 17th 2020.

The LATAM Airlines group had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in May 2020, and shortly after the announcement, LATAM Airlines Group also put LAN Argentina on hold indefinitely.

What is your thoughts on this?

More information about what’s going to happen below


Quite a shame how a global pandemic could cast the end of some airlines:(


I saw this coming since LATAM filed for bankruptcy shutting down their other subsidiary. It seems that majority of airlines are starting to recover but not LAN :(

And Iconic Aircraft Retirements

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yeah i miss the commercial 747, Virgin atlantic livery has a special place in my heart

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It is very sad to see, but with a global pandemic, it made it worse, sad to see an airline go

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First flybe, then that Italian airline, then Norwegian, now this😥 (I know more than this amount of airlines are gone from covid)

Argentina will have less competition between airlines for domestic routes in particular.
Norwegian (Argentina subsidiary) has long gone since last year - it was very popular & well received and on the way to being profitable as part of expansion but was forced to sell in order to survive

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Air Italy?


The news of LAN Argentian seizing operations is sad and best of wishes for all their pilots, crew, and staff!

Does anyone know if LAN Argentina designated aircraft will be retired or will they remain in the fleet to fly with another branch of LAN/LATAM?

One way of looking at this is yes Air Italy, LAN Argentina, Flybe, and more have ceased operations, but understand that this pandemic although not a good thing has taught us all to look at the positives in every aspect. There is always a silver lining in every cloud, and I believe good will prevail. :)

If we look at this to find the positives, new airlines are launching and are able to get slots at airports that would have otherwise been congested (Heathrow, San Fransisco, Los Angeles have all seen new airlines or are planning for them in the future), airport renovations projects are able to be carried out at very fast speeds ie. KSFO/SFO renovating R28L, KSLC/SLC renovating a four billion dollar terminal, and much more!

Stay safe everyone!

-Justin Duval

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Yes that’s the one forgot it’s name 😅

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