LAN Airlines Airbus A321

I would like to include this on the next update please a bit more liveries for a321


The update just came out and some users have not even gotten it yet. Are you serious about requesting liveries already?


Yes because i am a very but very fan for lan airlines.

I would rather have it on the 319

Can we stop with these requests please? The update is out and done. Appreciate what you got and LAN will most likely be featured on the B787

Why not appreciate the liveries that FDS worked so hard on. LAN is on the A319, and if you can’t pay for it, then you don’t love LAN enough.


True. It’ll probably be on the b787

Will these endless requests ever stop? At least the A321 has been updated after so many months and at least there already is a LAN Boeing 777F

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If you want it then why not ask for it! It looks kind of smart I think ((:


I now but i want LAN for every plane livery that in real life to be added on IF sooooo…!!!,

It is on the 319…

Yes i got it and i enyoy it but i want more lan liveries on IF

I was replying to someone else

There isn’t even a picture…

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So nice livery and I got this picture.


Now this was missed. I like the big blue stripe on this one.

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I support this! Didn’t know that they operate the A321…

Lovely livery!