LAN Airbus A318

As a lover of smaller “Wannabe” Aircraft, I had a look and found a livery not yet added to the Airbus A318. And since I quote Jarno on the A318 by saying “Not Many Carriers fly the A318” I propose another solution! LAN Airlines USED To operate the A318, but stopped service. Although, it does look gorgeous. Also, note the different engines. ;)



I have the A318 in IF. Sad to see not many carriers using it. Would be great addition to the game!

I don’t see a problem with this, we have a Mexicana A318 in IF despite the fact Mexicana doesn’t even exist anymore😄.
I’m all in for this livery, I absolute love the A318 and this would make a great addition to it.

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As much LAN aircraft as possible please! This is the best livery out there IMHO + it’s a baby bus :D

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a nice bird <3

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YES! I need this

On a side note; ‘LAN’ and ‘IAN’, get it ;)