Lake Kariba

Scenes from the Zimbabwe Zambia Border sharing Lake Kariba, was flying from Luanda Angola to Harare Zimbabwe

Flying over Kariba Airport ZW (FVKB)

Proceeded to Harare (FVRG) taking in the view

Chilling at Harare


Scenery in Africa is seriously underrated


Yes yes yes 👍

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Excellent shots! I love the TAAG livery and the scenery!


Yes! People don’t utilize African airlines/routes nearly enough!


Lovely shots! Me personally, I am not a fan of the TAGG livery, but it is very underrated and I should try it sometime.

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I ironically flew this same aircraft and livery yesterday! Nice photos.

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i love these photos

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It really is

Thank you very much

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Very true hope to see african routes growing in the sim

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That’s cool, thanks very much

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Thank you very much appreciated

That’s a stunning scenery! 😍

nice nice😁

I actually plan to do some research into different potential routes to do in Africa, then maybe make s topic about it.