Laith's Tracking Thread [CLOSED @ EGLC]

Hi! I will be controlling at EGLC (London City).

Server: Training Server
Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Pattern work is allowed. If you have any feedback, please PM me or comment on this topic. See you guys there

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I was Flyer 8732 at EGLC just now (your other thread was closed) and have some feedback:

  1. EGLC has a short runway, so it is more important that you observe the wind direction than at larger airports. You sent me to 27 despite it having a tailwind. At EGLC they regularly switch the direction for takeoffs and landings as the wind changes, even when nearby EGLL continues to use the 27s.

  2. An aircraft was inbound on 09, and when it was on the landing roll you instructed it to turn right and hold short of 27. At EGLC all aircraft landing on 09 are back taxied to the ramp immediately, rather than waiting at the far end of the runway in the 27 holding area. There is a turning area before this that allows them to do a 180 and come back towards the terminal quickly.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback!

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