Laith’s ATC Tracking Thread @ EGLC (Closed)

What’s up guys? Today, I will be controlling at EGLC (London City). Anyone is welcome to join.

Server: Training Server
Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Patterns are welcome. I am doing this so my skills can improve. If you have any feedback, feel free to comment on this or PM me. See you guys there! ;)

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I’ll come on down.

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Thanks for joining Trio, hope you enjoyed! :)

Overall your controlling was pretty good, you just need to adjust some few things:

  • No need to say “hold position” just before the hold short line, I know that I have to hold short and contact tower.

  • When you cleared me for takeoff you didn’t give me any right/left command at first, so I had to re-ask again before you gave me the right/left traffic, I know that you knew that but remember to do it.

  • The sequencing was good, but you should have sequenced me way before ( that’s why I had to tell my position )

  • Very important!, you forgot to clear me for the option! I just landed anyways but you really shouldn’t forget me to land!

Everything else was on point, thanks for controlling!

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I did, some things I picked up on.

You told an aircraft to exit the runway when they were still airborne above 110knts. You should wait until they are at a safe speed before telling an aircraft to exit, below 80knts and on the floor rolling is the consensus.

You should have told me to give way to @LachyRobertson who was exiting the runway.

When I asked for takeoff, you told me to hold position. The correct command to give would be hold short.

You on guared an aicraft inbound to EGLL. That is confusing/annoying for the pilot.

For a general aviation aircraft, when they land they’re already going below 80knts usually, but I’d give them a grace period of about 5 Mississippi’s so they can get themseleves together before giving them an exit command.

Thanks for the service. :)

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Ok, thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed!

Ok, thanks for those tips! Glad you had fun! :D

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