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I was wondering why the ATC controllers never use LAHSO when multiple runways are being use. I think that would add a little more realism to the sim. Opinions?

As let’s take The Expert Server for example… IFATC works so hard to move about 100 aircraft an hour (at a good airport on a good day)…

Having an aircraft hold short of a runway would just make stuff a lot more stressful and operations would slow. Tower can tell an aircraft to hold short of a runway (so technically it can happen in IF)… But I tend not to do that with an intersecting runway.

Here’s What he’s talking about:

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Also when pilots can’t even understand the concept of Line Up And Wait, I don’t think this would work well.


Apart from what anyone has said. We do not use LAHSO in IF because the infustructure to facilitate them is not in place. In order to conduct LAHSO ops you need to.

  1. Be able to let pilots know of their use at an airport.

  2. Be able to specifically ask the pilot if they can comply with such an operation.

  3. Be able to have the pilot accept or deny such an operation.

Since non of these are in place we do not allow this operation to be used.


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