LAHSO for Infinite Flight

What is a LAHSO?
Some of you might be thinking, what is a LAHSO. LAHSO is short for Land and Hold Short Operation. This is a special procedure where an aircraft landing on a runway hold shorts before a certain point on the runway, intersecting taxiway, or intersecting runway. In Infinite Flight, it would be used for primarily runways.
How does a LAHSO work?
A LAHSO is basically a hold short point on a runway. The most common example, hold short of an intersecting runway. The tower notifies the landing pilot that a LAHSO is in effect. The pilot can either accept or decline it. If the pilot accepts, he agrees to land on the active and hold short of the intersecting. If the pilot declines, the controller must take note and re-arrange intersecting traffic.

Miami International Airport in Florida, USA has LAHSOs in effect for runways 12/30 and 9/27. If the LAHSO for 9/27 is in effect, an aircraft can land on runway 9 while an aircraft is taking off of runway 12. Or, an aircraft can land on runway 9 while another lands on 12.
Why should it be added?
LAHSOs would expedite arrivals and departurs and be an efficient solution to heavily congested airports with intersecting runway. Because you can have arrival/arrival runways or departure/arrival runways.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. For more information, visit the FAA website on LAHSOs below.

This would actually be a great idea to have in IF to help with preventing accidents, but ATC can authorize go arounds and ask pilots to line up and wait

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Currently we can’t clear a takeoff on one intersecting runway while an arrival is on short final or still on the other intersecting runway and before the intersection. LAHSO permits you to do this, increasing the number of possible operations per hour.


Bumping this. If correctly added to ATC commands, this could drastically increase arrivals at specific airports. PHNL RWY 4R comes to mind.

Bump. This would be great for controlling. Of course, it would add a layer of complexity but could really be useful for intersecting runway ops. There are already hold short lines on runways currently as part of airport imagery. Let’s put them to use!

This is the key though. The commands for ATC need to be arranged so the pilot has the option to say “unable LAHSO”

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Or they might think they are able, and then subsequently discover they aren’t …🤔

Well in that case they can go around

With another aircraft taking off from an intersecting runway?

Maybe Tower would hold the takeoff to make sure the landing plane has stopped short.

It all seems a bit risky. Maybe in real life with experienced professionals it could be safe. I doubt it would prove to be a usable feature in IF. But I’d certainly be up for trying it if we had it!

this would actually be really helpful, and would also let us tie in taxi holding points (which im pretty sure is another very requested feature) and would make it clearer for both pilots and controllers.

awesome idea tho and would make busy, intersecting runway airports much easier to control!

@Jeffrey1o2 don’t forget to vote for your own request.😉