LaGuardia Spotting - Runway 04 Arrivals

LGA Spotting - 24NOV18

Today I had the opportunity to go spotting at LGA. otherwise known as LaGarbage. Although it was really cold and my sense if touch slowly diminished, it was worth the time spent! Without further ado, here are my shots!

Equipment: A Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Location: Planeview Park

The moment I arrived, this beauty came in. This Air Canada Express E170 arrived from Montreal.

Next up, this Delta Connection CRJ-200 came from Norfolk, a short 50 minute hop away.

Another Montreal arrival, this time a Delta Connection CRJ-900.

The first catch of a United aircraft, an A319 arriving from Chicago O’Hare.

The Magic School Bus preparing to grease a landing from DFW.

The somewhat rare catch of a United Express ERJ-145 that I accidentally mistook as a learjet arriving from Clevland Hopkins.

My personal favorite- The United 737-700 rocking those splits from IAH.

Louisville arrival this time@Delta319. Should’ve heard the noise this small jet made.

Classic A321/ Ex- US Airways battling some winds on arrival from Charlotte.

And lastly, N323US seconds before touching down.

Sorry about the quality of the pics! It is a phone then again. Hope you enjoyed my first spotting topic.
Tell me what you’re favorite pic was!


Pretty nice shots dude! Looks like it’s about to rain 👀


Lagarbage … I like it!
Nice shots!


Thanks for the compliment! And surprisingly it didn’t, though tonight it will


Always gotta keep up with the jokes. Follow the trends = make more friends, lol


Just like that bananabus A321😅

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Cool Shots! What time were you there today?

I may or may not have been there as well 👀

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I was there at around 11:55-12:10.

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Ah ok. I was at the Marine Air Terminal for “work” at around 6-7am.


Wow, great photos! I will go plane spotting tomorrow around the same time!

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Ya, becuais we but the bullet for you, and it’s been raining all day here. Lol, good shots


The NY area has this overcast. But great pictures in the lighting.

Never knew plans had views! It’s Planeview Park lol

I hate my phone’s autocorrect.

Haha, it can get really annoying at times.


8 is my favorite obviously ;)

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That Air Canada Express E170 in the new livery looks awesome! 👍

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Nice shots! It’s sad it was cloudy but nice pictures anyway!


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