LaGuardia NOTAM change

LaGuardia Airport was once operated with DC-10s. Since the DC-10 is implemented in IF, this would be a nice addition.


This post makes no sense in my opinion.

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Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore clarifying why the NOTAM has not been, and highly likely will not change.

I mean, why include Kai Tak?

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Because Kai Tak is an iconic, extremely well-known airfield. Heavies like the DC-10 at LGA aren’t, or well, not nearly as close as Kai Tak is. I for sure have never read or heard anyone mention LGA until now.

LVGZ? As far as I know that airport got bombed to oblivion

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No one mentioned LZGZ, so I’m not sure where that came from…

I believe that airport was added automatically, as it doesn’t seem to have been edited anywhere in recent times. What’s your point there?

Where I’m getting at is that changing this notam would cause a ton of chaos as wide- and narrow bodies don’t really mix well at an airport as small as LGA, especially in IF. If this is granted, the team will need to keep granting picky requests such as this one.

Also, KLGA can handle B767//A310 and below, then those aircraft should be allowed as well…

Just imagine the chaotic mess allowing this would create ☠️🥱

Remove it. It doesn’t even exist anymore.

There’s a difference between “It used to be like this” and “This is how it is now”.

I mean the NOTAM change is for purposes of flying the dc-10 on it’s real routes.

What real routes? No DC-10 flies into LGA anymore, and they haven’t don’t for at least a decade…

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Yeah I mean the routes vanished with the dc-10 being retired

So what would then be the use of willingly creating chaos on a small airfield like LGA? None I reckon.

I mean who flies the dc-10 in Infinite flight anyways? The Aircraft is very much old

I’m with @Jw2004 about this topic


LaGuardia no longer accepts any aircraft larger than a 757. While this may have not been the case in the past, this is the rule now, and it’s not going to change. I’m not sure what your point with Kai Tak and Gaza are, as they have completely different circumstances surrounding them.


Infinite flight needs to make retro servers.

Although that is a good idea and I would love to do some retro flying, I find it extremely unlikely that there would be another server added just for retro purposes.

If you’re willing to pay extra for the increased server costs sure! But I sure won’t be paying any cent extra for that… Besides, I don’t think it’d get a higher player load than an average day on Casual…

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