LaGuardia Gates Editing

Hi there, I just thought I’d mention that the gates at KLGA in the sim are partly labeled correctly in Terminals C & D. Terminal D in real life no longer exists but the area holds the 80’s and 90’s gates, while the 60’s & 70’s gates are held in the Terminal C area (shown as the “C” gates in the sim). The only correct gates in the sim are the 90’s gates but all of the “D” & “C” gates no longer exist. Notice the gates circled in red that are only numbered - those are accurate, such as the 90’s gates (which are in the new Terminal C that opened in June 2021). Infinite Flight has those 90’s gates correct as shown in the photo. The other group of circled gates are in Terminal B and are correct, but the C gates are no longer labeled as such; LGA had started to gradually do away with numbered gates in the fall of 2019 and completely got rid of them in by July of 2021. Also know that there are gates missing in Terminal C, and those should be added to accurately store the 60’s & 70’s gates.


We’ll forward this topic to the editors of the airport. Thanks for the report!

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Thank you! 😊 - I wasn’t quite sure where to post this, but thanks for forwarding this to the appropriate team.

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