LaGuardia Airport Spotting!


Hello IFC! I am back with a spotting thread! Today we are looking at LaGuardia and my recent photos there.

Location: LGA CitiFeild Marina and the Home depot parking lot

Camera: Nikon D3300 with a Nikor 88-200mm lens

First we have a Delta E175 from (I think) new Orleans

Next up we have an Air Canada E190 from Toronto!

Here is a Special Livery JetBlue A320 from MCO

Another shot of the JetBlue A320, sporting the Vets In Blue Livery.

AA A321 turning on short final from Charlotte!

Southwest 737-700 from Chicago

I was exited about this one. AA 737 Max 8 from MIA!

Now this one was truly exiting! A Delta A220(CS100) from BOS. Isn’t that amazing! A Max and a CSeries aircraft within a few mins of each other!

My final spot in the Marina location, a Delta 737-800 from Denver

We went to the Home Depot parking lot and got amazing shots like these!

That concludes my LGA spotting photos. What photo was your favorite?

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Thanks for looking! Have a good rest of your day :)


Nice photos! I should think about starting to spot at Toronto Pearson knowing I’m in there like 7 times a year.


Amazing pictures! I was watching that A220 approach LGA yesterday. I almost went yesterday, dang I could’ve met you!


That would have been awesome!


I may go today…👀


Can’t go today 😢

@Starz_Flyz thank you! If and when you do go spotting make sure to check what runways are in use.


#4 Birdstrike may happen 😄


If the bird has engines and can go very fast then yeah 😂





Really like N392DA 😍 I flew on that exact plane twice. Awesome pics!


WOOOOOOW!!! What a lucky catch of the A220!


@Delta767 wow! Really cool I saw a plane you flew on!

@Takeoff_Aviation you wouldn’t believe how loud I screamed when I saw it on FR24 lol


Dang! So close!

I was on N393DA XD

Great photos btw. I really like that A220 shot


Thanks! That’s one of my favorites too!