Laging and freezing Blackberry

I have a blackberry STH100-2 with android version 6.0.1
I didnt complete one flight till now on this device knowing that its brand new.
From the minuete i spawn screen startz to freez and lag with all lines on the airport moving like a belt

I tried removing than reinstallig the app with minimum settings and still didnt work

I am on iphone which is my main phone but blackberry is for work but i dont use it much unless im traveling so why dont i use it for IF knowing its a new model

Have you tried refreshing the game?

Even though your device is brand new, ensure you restart it regularly to keep its RAM fresh and avoid running unrelated apps to Infinite Flight while using Infinite flight…

If it persists, try to reinstall the app.

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I did everything this device has an email only it doesnt have a facebook app even

I deleted the app and reinstalled it like 3 times but still very bad

Did you put in the right credentials?

What do you mean ? Didnt get you

When you are logging in, did you type all the info correctly?

Dude i have S7 edge and i cant run IF at medium settings, S7 edge has better processor (SD821) while your mobile has (SD607) which is pretty old, S7 edge has 4GB ram while you have 3GB ram and i cant get IF to medium settings…

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Also, are you signed in with a google account or facebook?

Yes sure but im talking about the game performance the gameplay

Sometimes you can have lag do to not enough RAM. I would make sure you have an adequate amount of RAM storage on your device.

I have 1.2gb free RAM not enough ?

You have enough. As long as you have 1GB, you are ok. How is your internet connection speed?

I have fiber optics 50mb

How many bars of IC do you have? So it is running at 50mb p/s?

Yeah 49-48 but in this range

The lines moving like a belt is normal for Andriod devices (happens to me) unless its a really high end one. Also I’d suggest lowering your settings to minimum.

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