Laggy on Live

Every time I go on live, the infinite flight is very laggy and it quits unexpectedly.
I have reduced my settings to low and including Anti-Aliasing which is on off.
I play Infinite Flight on iPod Touch 5th generation.
My software update is up to date and i’m on version 9.1. iv’e got the latest version of Infinite flight.

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Hmm I wouldn’t know.

If you don’t know why would you comment?


Do you know?

iPod Touch 5th gen and older is a bad choice to play IF with, I tried it before and as you said it was laggy and would randomly crash, as the device only has 512 MB of RAM.

So what device do u use to play IF

I use iPhone 5S and there is no lag

Ok cool. thx for letting me know. Also it’s very slow on my ipod

I’m getting a new iPad Mini, for the Holiday Season, I need one desperately, this is an issue that I must fix with a newer device. And also I’m getting new Car Seats for my Car! Woo!


Haha cool, lucky

I’m also updating my ipod 5 to update 9.2. Will that help with the lag?

That won’t sadly, nope.

Ohh Ok. Thx though

He could ave too many apps running in the background, he could need to restart his app, he might have to completely turn his phone on and off

I believe he’s tried all of this. Correct? @Daniel_Monardo

There are no apps running while i’m playing IF. Also I turned my ipod on and off and it’s still doing the same thing

Yes correct @Massimo_Murgida

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I already did that @Boeing707

Uninstall and re-install the app also?

thanks guys for all your opinions and support. Much appreciated @Massimo_Murgida @Boeing707 @SirMS @Captain_DJ