Laggy graphics

Ever since the hot fix my graphics have been super laggy on Expert server. Using my iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Internet speed is extremely fast and consistent.

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Is it happening only in Expert or the other servers as well?

I haven’t tried the other ones, I only regularly fly on expert. A couple others have experienced this as well.

I am having this problem too.

Where are you usually flying? Keep in mind, busy hubs, especially FNF (Friday Night Flight) days can decrease your frame rate because of the aircraft count.

Just landed in Miami and it was only one other plane there and was very laggy. Last few flights have been totally empty airports and it was still laggy. I generally don’t land at active ATC hubs to avoid crowds

What’s your graphics settings at? Specifically is “Limit Frame Rate” checked or not. An iPhone 12 Pro is able to run IF at max settings pretty much.

I keep all graphics on “High”
Anti-Aliasing “On”
Limit Frame Rate is “unchecked”

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Same here. Ever since the latest hotfix the sim as become very laggy. Flying into an empty airport this morning and I could hardly taxi after I land.

Same here on my brand new iPad Air. Seems to happen on longer flights.

Happened to me yesterday. Very laggy and stuttered a lot while on final. iPad Pro 2020

Likewise- i had just completed a flight from Vancouver to Sydney. When I departed Vancouver there was no lag whatsoever, however, 15 hours later it was terrible- could barley land. This makes me think that the lag is something to do with flight time? I’m currently flying from Sydney to Auckland (current Air Canada route) and there is no lag. These two flights are back-to-back, which makes me say it is flight time-related.

Yeah happened for me while landing a 14 hour flight. I agree with the flight time thing


My flights were all long hauls as well. The most recent was RKSI-KMIA. However there was still some lag at RKSI. One think I did notice was it was foggy in both places. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Was foggy in Vancouver when i departed, all was fine. But a lot can happen over 15 hours!

Is happening for me aswell, even In low graphics, my device is the New iPad 8 so hardware can’t be the problem, this is a known issue and the devs are working on it

I think this is a known issue on IOS devices. Due to that issue I crashed seconds before touchdown few mins ago, as I accidentally hit the AP button to early…

As @Black_Bird mentioned above,

This is a know issue, as far as I’m aware at least. I’m sure the devs are working on a fix as we speak. To add on, this issue has really only occured and is isolated to iOS devices.

All the best,

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Thanks for the info.

I am not sure if this might be a certain fix, but turning the ATC volume to low or completely off made a huge difference for me. I also use an IPhone, and I do run into lags every so often. You also might want to turn your aircraft count down as well - that also helped me.