Laggy game


Same problems after the update.


I also have tried everything and my game is so laggy it’s kinda unplayable


I have also problems with my galaxy s6. Before this update it was really smooth but now i cant play… and yesterday i bought an another month subscription :(


I have the same problem with my Samsung S7 Edge, it lags alot, even on older planes without pilots inside and cockpit instrument lights.
I wouldn’t say it’s a low-end device.
4GB Ram
Android 8.0
CPU: Octa-core (4x2.3 GHz Mongoose & 4x1.6 GHz Cortex-A53)
GPU: Mali-T880 MP12

I hope you can fix the problem.


hey, i’m a user of Samsung S8+, i had also some lag at first when i download the new update but it work for me now. try to uninstall and reinstall the IF app again. Closed all background app. try to do some test flight.

Note: (I’m not sure) if there is a lag on Engine Wing View Cam. I’m still observing and testing with view cams.


For users with lower device is not the same because the Anti-Aliasing function is enabled by default, this makes it impossible for low processor devices that have 2 or 3 GB of RAM.


Do you get any lag when the aircraft is turning and your using the camera?


Anti-Aliasing can be very demanding on graphics processors so this requires the devs to implement a balanced selection point based on the device that is running the app. If the app is continually pushing hardware to its limits the trade offs aren’t worth it, battery life suffers and the ability to recharge at a rate to sustain the battery level is one of those things. Also, more processing builds more heat and places more laid on the hardware which in turn can impact how your device functions while utilizing Infinite Flight. The goal is sustainability, reliability and versatility from situations where there’s no traffic and no airport around compared to arriving at a busy airport with a highly detailed airport.

Delicate balance is an understatement.


i made 2 flights today but i haven’t recived any lags with any cam view. All Settings are High


Hmm. Im using a device which has a better processor (Honor view 20) than the s8+ however im getting some lag here and there


did you closed all background apps?


Yes. However my device has 6gb of ram so that shouldnt be an issue


is Limit Frame Rate (on/checked) in your IF settings?


Ive currently checked it and i am now testing however the device performed outstandingly before the update at the highest settings


i agree but we just wait for the next announcement if there will be a hotfix or update.


Go to the “normal” view outside the plane and point the camera up (so that it’s showing the belly of the plane) and move the camera around a few times. Now point the camera towards the ground (preferably towards a patch of land, not the sea) and move the camera around a few times. Do you notice a change in lag?


i agree with you. but a little lag when changing or rotating the camera. some lag happens with Engine Wing View too.


Okay, so there is a decrease in frames when looking at the ground, correct?

What about when looking at the ground from the cockpit “captain” view, is there the same amount of lag compared to looking at the ground from the outside view?


I could run IF on medium/high… Without antialiasing. Now, I’m barely running on fast.
Why do antialiasing and other parameters got merged?
Huawei P Smart 2019 - 3GB Ram


on captain view works fine.

*i noticed when you rotate the cam or look on the ground then you experince a bit lag.