Laggy game

Plus i have the newest Android version 8.0

Exactly i was really existing for the new update now i hate the new update

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Yea my device is full HD 1080p and the have too much lag

Plus my device still new they made it in 2018

Please add the deactivation of antialiasing…

We are currently testing a build that makes the following modifications to attempt to solve those issues:

  • Antialiasing can be turned on/off manually (as before)
  • “Fast” resolution is increased a bit from 540p to 640p to make it less pixelated for devices that can’t run at higher resolution

Note that this is mostly affecting older Android devices (2+ years). The reality is that Android devices are often very poorly balanced in term of performance compared to iOS. Even recent devices can often be underpowered for IF.

As always, we will continue to do our very best to make sure IF is playable on as many devices as possible.


I have an iPhone 7 with 2 gb of ram and I am able to run ludicrous. so im not sure what the problem is. its probably android phones are just worse at processing even if it has more ram.

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Thanks, after I reinstalled it it got less laggy.

i also have the same issue my device lags real bad after the update when running on BEST and gets heated which never happened before the update , very odd.
Device: Redmi Note 4
Ram: 4GB
OS: Nougat
Storage: 64GB (have about 25 gb left)
Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor
1.8 yrs old

Apple has the best processors for graphic processing but lousy in battery, unfortunately there are people who can not easily acquire an iPhone.

This is not entirely true. The current generation Snapdragon 845 and 855 commonly outpace Thier iOS counterparts.

Many older Android devices however don’t have as advanced chips. Unlike apple devices, all Android phones are created different. The only devices currently having problems are old and low end Android devices. You’ll notice that Pixel phones, newer galaxy phones, Xperia phones etc do not have this issue.


I didn’t experience anny lag on my device (OnePlus 6 Android 9.0 8GB Ram Snapdragon 845) and i have everything on the highest option that i can make.

My android is the new version of Androids plus they r working for newest version
It’s probably a error in the game
Actually Android become better then the old Android tbh
This is my experience

Now I reinstalled the game…
Yet it is lagging, and it is not realistic on minimum settings… I’d like to downgrade to old version…
Or I’ll need to finish playing IF after many years, unfortunately…


Same here. The game is very slow and laggy after update.
I’m the Galaxy Tab E user, SM-T378S.
Before the update, Rendering Quality was ‘medium’, and Rendering Resolution was ‘High’.
Now, I can’t even pushback.

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Unfortunately I uninstalled the game and I stopping to try to play until there will be ''treatment" to new feature - lagging. (((

@JamesGwon Do you experience the same performance issue when setting the rendering quality to “Good”

On my Asus ZenFone 3 Max (ZC520TL) phone same lag issues after the update. Tried every option.

It was working fine before the update.

Please include as much information as possible when reporting such issue otherwise we can’t investigate; we need:

  • Make and Model of your device (actual model number, not just the marketing name)
  • OS version
  • Are you experiencing the “lag” in solo? If online, how many aircraft are around?

It was working fine before the update.

Infinite Flight keeps evolving and new features will render older devices obsolete at some point.Older Android devices are not recommended for IF (and even recent ones can have problems).

Note that we just pushed a new update that should improve things a bit since you will be able to manually disable anti-aliasing (as it was before). It might take an hour or 2 to propagate through the Play Store though.


I will give u full information about my android device
EMUI version:8.0
Android version:8.0
Plus my android version is 8.0 oreo
There will be update soon to 9.0 pie so i don’t know what i should do or what the solution