Laggy game

i was testing on solo and i only did the gpu rendering because someone suggested it. it did slightly make it better

What’s your airplane count on? Furthermore I would recommend limit frame rate on, it really helps with lag.

please read up i have already answerd your recommendation and i wasnt on multiplayer at the time

Could you provide the make an model of your device as well as OS version?

The “Best” setting is different from “High”.

Best = 1080p resolution, high quality lighting, 4x Antialiasing
Good = 720p resolution, medium quality lighting, 2x Antialiasing
Fast = 540p resolution, medium quality lighting, 2x Antialiasing


@philippe which would the Samsung note 5 support? it says lollipop on that page but im running version nougat

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is almost 4 years old … this is pushing the limit of IF.

There are many other small things we added to this release that could affect your experience, and with a 4 year old device it is really hard to be sure what the problem might be.

We are monitoring those issues but it seem to only affect ppl with old devices. We really do our best to make IF run on as many devices as possible but there is a point where we can’t add more without scarifying the lower tier devices.

We will continue to monitor the lagging issues over the next few days and we will see if we can improve it.


@philippe Ok it’s not breaking the rules if one was to play IF on a computer?

It shows how much of the problem clouds and building would create in currant mobile devices.


Are you able to? No one other than devs has been able to if I remember correctly so I would be shocked.

@Chatta290 Well are you shocked again? cause i have i was doing it earlier

Interesting. See what Philippe has to say about it, and yes I am shocked.

using BlueStacks maybe?

Many of my friends have the same problem and they want the previous graphics configuration to come back, they have current devices of 2 and 3 GB of Ram but still they are frozen with the new graphics “Fast”, I do not have that problem but it is an outrageous battery drain, I think the Anti-Aliasing option should be as before. The guys were discouraged by not being able to run the simulator as they used to, to the extent that they no longer want to pay for the IF subscription.

Could you give me more information about your friend’s devices. We need to know the make and model so we can better investigate the issue.

The brand of their devices are:

Xiaomi Redmi 6, 3RAM - 2018. Samsung J4, 2RAM -2018. HiSense F23, 2RAM - 2017.

They say that previously they could execute them in medium and high graphics without the Anti-Aliasing activated.

One more question.

Is it smoother when in replay mode?

They say it’s the same.

Just to pitch in another data point, I’m using “ludicrous” on an iPad Air 1st gen, and it looks great and lag is not very
noticeable. I’d actually say that it seems to run faster than before

it does run faster than before, i mean pre-update i always experienced app crashing during departure or approach even on low settings!, but since the update so far i have never experienced any crash, my settings are medium for texture and “good” for rending quality on my tablet “samsung galaxy tab s sm-t805” android 6

i haven’t notice any difference between “good” and “best” other than its quite laggy on “best” so i keep it on “good” which is also like medium quality if we compare it to the pre-update rending quality settings,.

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The same problem. On rendering quality “fast” and limit frame rate on - the game is very slow after update…
Galaxy Tab A SM-T585

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