Laggy game

So before the recent update (19.1), I was able to run all settings on high settings without anti-aliasing on my note 5 and the game ran perfectly. After the update, I can no longer run it perfectly on “best” setting which i assume is the high setting before because if you go down one everything starts to look garbage. Is this a bug or is it because anti-aliasing is forced? and if soi think a lot of people would agree to have the anti-aliasing on and off setting put back in so we can still run our game on high without anti-aliasing but those who want super smooth can have their super smooth game while we have a smooth but not “super smooth” game.


Try going to settings and lowering your texture quality and your rendering quality

Tried that still laggy. It’s playable ish but far from smooth. If you go into replay mode it runs perfectly

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They have been combined with the rendering quality and unfortunately that’s it. If your device can’t handle it I’d advise to go down quality even if you sacrifice looks. (Anyone correct me if I’m wrong)

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What are your graphic settings when it’s laggy?

its on “best” and no frame rate reduce but either way on or off still looks exactly the same.

Is your texture quality on high?

No its on medium

Also, I recommend putting limit frame rate on

I have the same problem, before the update i was play very good with the medium graphics but now i can’t play not even with the most lower configuration

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The views might be bad but try putting rendering quality on “good” and see if it is still laggy

Dude same!!! It was insane how laggy it was. My phone is so hot it feels like it will explode. Before the update I flew on the highest settings and did long haul without a problem. Now I can’t even go from KSAN to KLAX without lag, app crashing, or phone overheating. Smh


I’ll have to do it in a bit as my device went flat. I also added forced GPU rendering in dev settings so now its time to see if my phone catches fire as it was a warning.

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My phone feels like it will explode running overdrive because IF is so laggy @James_Browne

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And i own a Samsung note phone so we all know where that is headed lol @TCHeincy

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Yep i have the same issue. I really hope they fix this. I was able to run the old settings on high with now sweat. Now im lucky if i can even run it on fast with textures on medium.

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If you go into replay mode it runs perfectly

This is strange. It should be very similar.

Are you online or solo mode?

I also added forced GPU rendering

That has nothing to do with IF

i was testing on solo and i only did the gpu rendering because someone suggested it. it did slightly make it better

What’s your airplane count on? Furthermore I would recommend limit frame rate on, it really helps with lag.