Laggs with ios 8.4

hello and sorry if this matter was discused before, i didnt find nothing about! after the ios 8.4, on my iphone 6+ i get severe laggs, even wile taxiing, no matter how bussy the airport is! anyone else aware of this? i done all the prechecks for avoiting laggs! thnks

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I also get severe lags, especially with traffic around me.
I don’ t know what to do, think it is pretty normal flying from Europe.
About my opinion the problem it is not in the device but in the servers

I have the exact same problem. But it only happens when another aircraft comes into my view/ flying in a very busy airspace. (LAX is the primary airport.)

Try restarting your device and Lowering settings. Ex. Water quality, aircraft quality.

i allready have low count and antialiasing off! if i have to drop any other sett on low, i wuit flying in infinite flight! afterall, 6+ is the latest ios phone, no? so someone else must fix this! if they dont mind fixing it, me either! and

Uh, shut down all your background apps. Dropping the water quality helps a lot, it was the difference between silky smooth and unplayable on the iPad 4. Give that a try.

Servers have nothing to do with device lag. They are actually running just fine with plenty of users ;-)

Just reduce your settings when you’re flying in areas with dense traffic.

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thank u sir, but i wont dropp no other setting down! untill further updates or fixes, i can stop playing! low terrain, low plain, low water? so whats left from it? i have to enjoy it too! if this game is not the latest ios phone, than is not much that i can do!

@arrow you want the current game to perform as it suppose to then you got people crying for more features like active weather …hmmm interesting 😎

u do have an point here gatwichguy!/:-) but, when its all posible, why not?/:-)

It’s not though. If you are running into lag issues, you can’t put in more graphics intensive features.

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offcourse! thnks gents!

i’ve been having the same issues with the lag no matter the ruduced settings and not having any Apps running in the background and i have a Brand new iPadAir just purchased in January…and regardless of how many planes it still has terrible lag…quality is not as good.

Have you tried shutting down all the background apps? It helps me a lot on my device.

I had the same issue. Been playing lag free with all settings on high for over a year. Then a month ago my game started getting severe lag, even in the menu screens. Had all settings reduced to low, nothing running in the background.

Other much more graphically intense games continued to run fine.

The only thing that worked for me was a factory reset. Now IF runs fine again with everything set to high and anti-aliasing enabled.

as said before i dont have any Apps running in the background and even if there are less aircraft the lag still comes and messes up my landings…and i have new iPadAir…

@Thomas_Hense…i refuse to do that factory reset…cause you loose alot of stuff even when you do a backup…things i have purchased and i have to repurchase again…hell no…not again…but i get where you are coming from…thanks but no thanks…LOL

@Omari_Joseph you don’t have to repurchase anything after a factory reset of you use the same Apple ID. Purchases are connected with your Apple ID, not device. You will just have to redownload everything after factory reset, I’ve done it a couple times already

Some F2P games might delete his progress and purchased premium currency. I circumvent that by not playing F2P games.