Is you device overheating?

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It’s a known issue with iPadOS 13 and is being investigated


Really ???

Nope not at all

I got the iPad Pro 11 inch and it is lagging, it stinks. Not just IF but the other flight sims as well :/

Here’s what Schyllberg said about it.

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Well 13.1.2 is out today, maybe try updating?

I just updated and there appears to still be stuttering.

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Fixes a bug that could result in a loss of display calibration data.

Does anyone understand what that means? I tried looking it up and can’t fully understand what that’s referring to.

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I would say it’s when you tilt your device so it changes it Orientation it forgets if it’s in portrait mode or landscape mode. I might be wrong.

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Most likely a bug which caused some touches to not be inputted. For example having to touch an app to open it twice because it didnt register the first time. Or probably to do with device orientation as noted above.

Oh ok, just curious. Carry on. :)

Oh man! So much for that, was going to give it a go when I got home from work…

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Let me try updating

Yeah same thing is happening to me…

Thank hoy that’s was very helpful

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It’s always like that. The last iOS is only good for the last iPhone. iPadOS will work fine with the next iPad Pro!
Our only last chance is one of the last updates of iOS few weeks before June.

Same here, I had a complete crash with iPadOS 13.1 and IF-Assistant. It’s been really laggy since the update

It’s kind of weird I have IpadOS 13 but nothing is lagging for me

Discussed in another topic