Lagging while approach runway

Recently I fly from WMKK to RKSI, all the way to Incheon are so smooth, but when I almost reach the Incheon runway, the game starting lagging which cause me can’t land smoothly, can I know what is the problem?? I had did some investigation regarding this issue that I facing , at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand I didn’t have this problem, but once I fly to Korea or Japan I will had this issue. Kindly find the way to solve this matter


What device are you on?

Xiaomi mi max

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Please try clearing your scenery cache. This should solve your issue. Thanks!

I had tried before, but still the same

Have you restarted/rebooted the device?

Yes , restart the device, reinstall the apps , clean the data and phone , but still the same

And this only occurs at RKSI?

And Japan as well

All airports or specific ones?

All airport

Hmm. I’d recommend waiting for staff to come by and assist you :)

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If the airports were very busy, it could happen. You could try to set your airplane count to low.

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Is this a lag where your game freezes then comes back to life 3-4 seconds later and you are in front of where you were before? i may be able to help

Nope, it’s lag when I starting approach runway

Yeah, it had reduce the lag, thanks for the solution

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