Lagging Severely

Phone: TCL LX
Storage Available: 5.86 MB

I just got IF a couple months ago and it has been lagging very badly and I can’t find out why. I turned off Anti-Alising and limit frame rate. I also got rid of things I didn’t need and put all rendering and graphics at the lowest possible limit. I have the resolution on the highest level. What could I do?🤔

Storage is your issue. the reccomended amount is at least 1GB to run IF smoothly.

Hey! To begin with, i have to ask if this is accurate?

Additionally, please see our official FAQ when it comes to Support inquiries. You will most likely find great tips there :)


What phone/Tablet are you using. My 6 did the same thing

Disregarding that, the phone retails online for less than £50, typically found on Amazon.

Powered by a Mediatek MT6739WM running at an astonishing 1.1GHz, paired with 2GB ram, and a super low power Graphics Processor.

It’s one of the lowest power phones I’ve checked out in a long time, that’s most likely your issue. You phone, simply put, isn’t powerful enough, especially at the highest resolution


If you read the post, you’ll find the answer.


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