Lagging On final after 21.1

hello guys, after the 21.1 update came out, im noticing that everytime im on final, it lags really bad, it almost freezes,(i think the lagging on final part is only for 3d airports, i dont know for sure, because i was on final at a non 3d airport and it never lagged as far as i can remember) and it sometimes would lag when im on the ground at 3D airports only, is there anything that i can do to fix this?


Your best first course of actions are to do some small in-app settings adjustments prior to launching your flight.

• Lower your aircraft count in Live Settings
• Lower some of your graphics and quality settings to Medium
• Ensure your FPS is set to 30fps instead of 60fps


I experienced the same issues, I usually just restart the app/my device before and after each flight and the lag seems to go away for me personally. :)

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IF 21.1 version is still laggy and some times buggy


thats what im kind of thinking too. im really hoping it eventually goes away on its own if thats the case

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