Lagging on approach

I experienced LG on approach yeasterday and managed to rectify if by forcing the SIM in to pause mode and then continue which worked great until the same thing happened today and I get the following message.

This usually means you don’t have a connection to internet.

In my experience it is better to reach out for support after the first instance of an issue rather than push forward with a custom workaround that may not resolve the underlying cause. Were you connected to the internet via mobile network (e.g. LTE)? If so, disabling your SIM likely caused you to disconnect from the sever and resulted in the premature end of your session.

If this doesn’t seem like the cause, we will likely need more information about your device, OS, and internet connection.

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Thank you for responding quickly. I was connected to Wifi with a stable 60 mb connection, the only way I ever use the SIM. I connect using an iPad Pro with the latest update. I haven’t had a lagging issue for a long time up until the last IF update.

I remember having this issue before. These suggestions may help the issue you’re having:

Have you tried using the simulator whilst connected to a different WiFi connection?

Have you reset your router?
Sometimes it’s good to turn it off for ~5 minutes and turn it back on again.

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