Lagging in busy/crowded airports

Device: Samsung Tab S7
Operating system: Android 11 with One UI 3.1

Hey, in the last weeks I noticed that my device lagging in busy airports. (Only in airports with a lot of traffic.)
The device is brand new, only 2 months old. And its samsung’s newest device - so there can’t be hardware issues.

Any ideas for solutions?


Hey bro 🍊✈️ , do you use it with high graphics (1) and high number of shown aircrafts on your screen (2) via settings ?

Having both on high mode can do some laggs with busy airports, maybe you should put those on medium when taxiing there !

That’s what I did to reduce laggs ^^

Ok @Alex_Kraz told you the same idea I had on (2) so I guess it will maybe help you @MADCAT :p


Hey there @MADCAT, I suggest to you to reduce “Aircraft count” to “Medium”



I have the same device and i do have to say, it could perform better being Samsungs top of the line tablet. Bit disappointed on that tbh.

As others suggested, lower the airplane count a bit.


I also recently started to notice spikes of lag. It isn’t permanent but hits every one or two minutes and is very irritating… I have an iPad Pro 2018 and have my airplane count on medium

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Its lagging for me aswell, I get a spike of lag randomly, even in low graphics, my device is the New iPad 8 generation, can handle High graphics perfectly with High Aircraft. The past week was working perfectly

The issues some of you bring up on iOS devices are entirely separate than this. We’re aware of the issue on iOS which we’re looking into. This topic is not about that.


I have the Tab S7 as well, and I do notice it slightly. Setting aircraft count down to high or even medium completely eliminates the issue for me

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Also, idk if the Android 11 update may have changed something, but I notice it a bit more after the update

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@LKA Hey mate :) yes! Both graphics and airplane count are on top notch. I will try to put airplane count to medium - maybe it will help
@Alex_Kraz Will do!:)
@schyllberg Hey, ok will do! Are you experiencing the same issue as me or its just lag mid air?
@anon2996007 thats related to iOS I assume. :)
@El_YuainXD our devices are different and the issue is not the same either, hope the problem will be solved for you!
@IF787 I noticed that after the update, the battery is charging slowly to non while flying with full brightness. Only when you reduce the brightness, the battery charges as usuall again. Thats the only thing I noticed with the recent Android 11 update.


I would say it’s general. I’ve noticed rather poor performance overall with various games on the S7 Tab which surprised me to be honest.


Surprising that the snapdragon 865+ lags, but it is very demanding with very high airplane count. I use snapdragon 865 (non-plus) and in super high traffic with very high airplane count and max graphics can sometimes cause lag, i reduce the live count anyways.

This is why Samsung, is also called Lagsung

Not offense Samsung’s fans, I support Samsung, and I a have five Samsung’s device


Game booster could have an effect possibly. I notice that when my device heats up, game booster triggers the device to control its temperature, which could lower performance

My tablet s7 lags and stutters in solo mode , mostly on approach below 500ft , besides being able to use a joystick directly to the device it is a disappointment , maybe with project metal/vulkan in the works things will get better .

@IF787 The thing is that it only happens in busy airports. and not like suddenly mid flight, and the device is not heat up to be honest.
@JesterA300 aww never had that in solo mode :/

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