Lagging for no reason

Hello, i was flying from, well, actually that doesn’t matter. In the middle of the flight, i saw that there is something with my internet, so i restarted the router. But after router restart, IF started seriously lagging. I had only 3-5 fps, and sometimes it got normal. I setted graphics to lowest, but nothing happened.
P.S. my device is ipad PRO 9.7" in top configuration, so infinite flight needs to run here normaly even on max out graphics.

Did you restart Infinite Flight after the router reset?

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Humm i got some little issues too with my Iphone 7 plus high graphics, my phone totally support the graphics that’s not the problem. I got some issues like see scenery very slowly like if i have lag…! I think that’s a little issue for all of us so don’t panic! ( you don’t need to panic you’ve got one of the best device for IF)
Hope these issues are going to be fixed!
Cheers :)

Are you still experiencing issues? Hard to tell if you’re saying this was a one time thing or still happening?

Have you restarted your device? If no, please do.

No of course! I will loose my points in that case! I want to land!

That happened for three times including this

Okay, so what are you expecting from this support topic? As you’re still in-flight.

I just want to tell the problem, so it will be fixed

The points Seb the points he wants to keep his points :)

@SQEEZELEMON you mean XP bud.

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Well I think a device/IF restart could fix this lol.

Yes, XP. Cuz because of the IF grade system points is the most important thing to get new grade

Nobody can fix it remotely if you’re still flying. We don’t have a magic “make everything ok” button.

Please restart your device when your session have ended. Thanks.


The fun part is that i went to single, and everything worked normaly. Even with maximum graphics

Without restarting the app or the device