Lagging controls after updating to iOS 16.1.1

I use an iPad Pro 12 model ML0T2LL/A.
Ever since I upgraded to iOS 16.1.1, the controls are lagging. During taxi, I move the rudder and the vast majority of the time slide doesn’t immediately react to my input. The slide might stick in the last position and not return to neutral. I can tap on any button and it won’t immediately respond as it should.

This started right after the last update.

I’m not very good at explaining the exact details. I’m 77 years old and enjoy flying every morning after reading the newspaper. With the lagging controls, the app is virtually impossible to use.

Has anyone else reported lagging controls?

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Does this happen at mainly 3D airports all airports


Have you tried restarting your device before flying? In most cases, It helps your device perform at peak performance. Your performance issue might be only at specific 3D airports.

What graphics settings are you using? Does your device overheat when lagging?

I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

I’ve tried powering down my iPad Pro overnight….no change.

It lags on non 3D airports as well.

I’m not sure how to change the graphics settings on the iPad Pro 12 (old man syndrome)!

The device does not overheat.

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You can check and change your graphics settings here:

Try lowering it, and see if it improves your device performance.

Are you using your your device differently since last update when playing Infinite Flight?

These are the only things in the settings on my iPad.
I haven’t changed anything in the way I use the iPad other than updating to iOS 16.1.1.

I found the settings you referred to. Changed them all to “Low” and 30fps but still no change.

Well, it seems that you have tried almost every method to fix the performance issues within the Infinite Flight game.

My last assumption is the issue might be coming from the iOS update itself. Many Apple users have had complaints regarding the new iOS 16 update.

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Looks like I’m going to have to wait on our dear friends at Apple to put out another update to fix the latest update!

Thank you for your time. BTW, Walter is my name too.

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The Infinite Flight update did not change anything.

I don’t think it’s apple because on other games my iPad runs smoothly on 60fps and max graphics

I’m glad it is happening to someone else! I was beginning to doubt my sanity!

It makes taxiing a real challenge, doesn’t it?

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