Lagging at random times

My game lags at random times in the middle of the flights, I am really mad as I have just finished a 3 and a half hour flight and at the landing my game lags and makes me stalk and crash. Please fix this problem.

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What is your device? OS?

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I am on an IPad I don’t know why it’s lagging

Please try to clear your ram and restart your device before doing long flights.
Also, please take a read at this topic:
How to make a support request.

What version iPad???

I had this issue. Make sure that you are upgraded to the latest OS. That worked for me.

If the issue persists, often times just lowering the settings and reducing visibile aircraft may do the trick. Also try to closes all other apps and clear RAM before flying.

Hope that helps :)

Hello! Take a look below and try these things. If your lagging doesn’t get resolved, let us know :)