LaGarbagia Airport Spotting - Runway 31 Arrivals

Hey everyone. Today I stopped by World’s Fair Marina for a short session of plane spotting. I came here for 1 reason: to see a Delta A220 - and luckily I did! Let’s get to the pictures.


Canon Eos Rebel t5 (75-300mm lens)

Here it is- the beautiful Delta A220. I truly loved this airplane when I spotted it. The airplane, arriving from Boston almost 2 hours late gave me a chance to see it. I got many pictures of it. Here are some of the best ones:

Of course, the A220 was not the only plane I spotted. I also saw this American Eagle ERJ-140.

After that, I decided to call it a day. I hope you liked these pictures!

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Well those pictures are beautiful, nearly same sized aircraft also land at EDDW (my hometown airport) but you’ve got a much better camera!
Did you took those pictures at 200-250mm?


Only about 100mm. Thanks for the comment!


What the hell?

Only 100?

At eddw I have to take pictures from a good spot at 250 ~ 300 mm or in the short final areas around 150mm, but the possibility of 100mm ist very rare at EDDW

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The aircraft are very close. I did not crop those images at all.

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So a 200mm would be fine?

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That’s more than enough. 100mm is already plenty.

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Soon i’ll get the canon eos 2000d with 250mm maximal. Hope to get those shots like you made here in EDDW, would be pretty with european airlines, well we dont have that much here :(

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It’s actually an E135/40.

Nice shots!

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While these pictures are great, why do people call LGA LaGarbage?

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There is a lot of garbage around the airport.

Doesn’t seem nice to call an airport by that, but okay.

I like the Airbus A220, or Bombardier CS100 pictures

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Very very nice Dylan!

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Remember 100mm on a T5 (a 1.6x crop) is really a 160mm full frame equivalent lens.

Either way you’ll be ok


I did not know that! Thanks for letting meh know.

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Thank you Joseph!

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