Lag Spikes

Hi everyone.

I have been having random lag spikes on the live servers. I won’t usually crash and the frame rate returns to a normal level within a few seconds. But besides that, it is indeed an annoying issue that I didn’t used to have. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?

iPad Air 1
IOS 9.3.5


Do you close all background apps and restart your device before you fly? That’s what I do on my IPad Air same IOS and I don’t really ever get lag.

I’ve also been recieving major spikes when it’s busy on SFC at airports.

Air 2 latest software

I do that most of the time, yes.

It happens to me as well.
iPad Air 1
iOS 10 beta

Has never happened to me. I’ve got an iPad Air 2, iOS 10 Beta 4.

I have the same problem.

Device: iPad Air 1
iOS Version: 9.3.3
IF Version: 16.06.1 (Latest)

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I’ve had that issue every now and then too. Just try lowering A/C count my aviation brother @Cessna_Driver

@Cessna_Driver Does it essentially freeze the screen for a few seconds then go back to normal? And does it happen maybe once or twice each flight?

No the screen doesn’t freeze, the framerate just drops and then returns to normal.

I have the same device and same iOS, with the same occassional lag. For me, restarting the device, closing all other background apps, and lowering the settings, specifically A/C count, tends to get rid of the problem.

Yes! That is exactly what it is doing.

Yeh I get that for some reason. I did mention it to Laura a while ago but I can’t find a repro so it wasn’t much help

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Yea, that sucks.
I used to have max graphics and I recently turned them down. So it’s strange that I am now getting this problem, and not with the max graphics.

Yes… me too… freeze 1-2 secon during taxiing or parking. Before last update all okay… but after that… . So annoying.
Even after restart my device. But still.

I played also asphalt8. No lag . No freeze.

So please fix that problem…

Happens here too on my ipad 2 no iPad Air.
It’s now on IOS 9.3.5. It happens for some time then goes. Must also I have airplane dots off so I really wonder.

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