Lag outs on long haul

I’ve been lagging out a lot recently on short final after long flights does anyone else have this issue?

Your device, graphics settings and airplane count please?

iPhone 12 mini, High rendering quality, medium rendering resolution, 30FPS limit.

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oh, and also medium airplane count

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Interesting. Do you have a stable WiFi connection?

And also, does your device tend to get warm when it’s lagging?

Do you have low power mode on? That is what makes it laggy.

I have solid Wi-Fi connection I live in an area where the Wi-Fi is good

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That’s good, is your device usually quite warm towards the end of the flight?

It gets warm from the start of the flight to the end of it.

But sometimes gets hot towards the end of the flight.

The reason it starts lagging towards the end could be (and if you ask me it probably is) the fact that the phone get a bit too hot and therefore is reducing it’s performance to reduce the heat.

My advice to solve this is to place your phone on a cold surface, and point your camera towards a static object (eg. Roof of cockpit) and lower your brightness before the flight. Restart your phone prior to the flight also helps.

I’m trying that rn

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Alright, see how it goes and let me know :)

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