Lag on my Huawei p20.

Hello! So Ive recently bought a Huawei p20. I upgraded from the Huawei p10. And strangley Infinite flight lags on my device? The Huawei p20 is a very new and high end device so why does it lag whwn I play Infinite flight? Other big games like PUBG mobile runs very smooth on my phone so I dont really understand why IF wouldnt.


To ensure maximum infinite flight quality, the recommended RAM storage available is 2 GB.
Ensure background apps are closed to allow your phone as much memory as possible. Also charging while playing can seriously lag your device and overheat it. How much RAM does your device have because having PUBG open in the background can take up RAM
Also you could try to lower your in app settings (reduce the graphics). This may not be needed if the device you have now is a newer version of the previous device you have. What are the settings you are on now?

RAM and Storage are two very different different things :)

I’m surprised to hear this though. As you say, the P20 is pretty high powered. Not at the top, but still.

Have you tried poking around in the graphic settings to see if there’s any changes if you lower a specific setting? Also, is the P20 equipped with a display setting for changing resolution?


I was talking about having PUBG open in the background which could slow IF down. Thanks for pointing it out though 😊
Edited my comment to fix it.

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Just looked this up myself, and there is… at least for the Pro. I have a feeling it might be upscaling IF which might cause lags.

Try with different resolutions and see if there’s any improvement.

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Nope theres no improvment…

What are your graphic settings?
Might I suggest a full device restart and re-installing IF

Im reseting my device!

Interesting. My P10 started lagging after the last update too. Further my Galaxy Tab who ran IF without issues before I’m unable to fly on now.

He had the P10 before and it happened to that device too. He fixed it by factory-resetting his phone and now we are trying the same solution here.

Roger, get back to us and if that proves unsuccessful reinstall IF.
good luck and fingers crossed!

I talked with Ilan in the PMs, we fixed it by factory resetting the device and limiting the frame rate. Working fine on his device now!

I set a timer on the topic to close in a few hours just in case the OP and @Starley have anything to add. Thanks again for helping the OP @Starley


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