Lag On Live Today?

Are servers laggin today ?

Everything was fine for me.

Might just be your internet thats lagging

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Depends if you have a good or bad device. Playground server 1 on SOcal will lag on old

Not that I know of, all has been good from my end. Try reducing your airplane count where in busy airports/airspaces.

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Only lag I’m seeing is people LINING UP TO WAIT AT 2 KTS or BACK TAXIING AT 10KTS.


Oh yeah. That’s the worst kind.


Was my wifi. I’m on iPad Pro 12".

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they are lagging everyday

You were being escorted by a jet :€

Wonder why. My pasangers were decent

I’ve been losing all contection to the expert server,I mean after I’ve Departed an airport and the air,its like I’ve been ghosted only I am not… :/

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