Lag on IOS Devices (New Thread)

Hello IFC!

Ok here is what I have come up with. According to my polls and data I have been researching etc… The game is having issues internally combined with Apple.

Why you ask well based off what I can tell, Apples newer devices are experiencing the issues. The game is optimized for older and nearer generations of chips and hardware which have changed dramatically in the past few years. I think the solution will be up to IF to figure out the issue directly and tweak it to be optimized for all users including especially the newer Apple devices.

Like to mention no cases were reported from the Android perspective so it is a Apple driven issue. My observations are purely based off what I have read.

IF I’m sure will get this issue fixed ASAP. I will let y’all know of any issues or developments that occur. I have contacted a dev about this.

Please use what I have recommended do:

  • Game and Device Resets.
  • When experiencing lag open up the pause menu and it goes away for about another hour.
  • When the game crashes use the included Apple report a crash system.

Be patient they will fix this eventually but it will take time.

They said that they will be making a post when more news about this issue.
As of now the developers on on this issue. One stated that this issue will be fixed with Project Metal.


Most is copy and pasted from the previous thread. I will be updating as more info arrives.

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Thank you very much for going after more information @USA_ATC !
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We’re already tracking this internally and multiple topics is not required at this time.

When we have any information to share about it, we will. But there’s been progress with it and hopefully it’s something we’ll be able to say more about in a not too distant future :)

Thank you!