Lag on iOS device

Hi! My iPhone is currently lagging terribly at 3D airports (ie. i just completed a flight to AMS.) at AMS, my device lagged terribly. during taxi, i remember my device freezing, (making a crackling noise), before slowly releasing again. This happened about 10 times. the iphone also freezes a lot during flight. This really takes the joy away from flying, and i dont enjoy IF sas much as i previously did. This still happened despite after lowering graphics, 3d airport density, clearing scenery cache and deleting replays.

This issue occured after i took about a 3-month break due to examinations. Before that, my device worked perfectly well.

Could anyone help me with this issue? thanks!

What iPhone do you have? We can’t do much without that information.

i am experiencing similar lag, every so often my screen will shutter violently, then goes back to normal fluid motion… anyone else have this?

What device do you have…? @Sidewinder74

iphone 13pro and tablet

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ill try to get a short video of it somehow

ive an iphone 7

That’s probably why it lags. The iPhone 7 is not the strongest device.

Your best bet is to stop all the background apps, lower all your graphics setting, airplane count etc.

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iPhone 6s user reporting in, not exactly true. Performance can be pretty good depending on your graphics settings.

What specific graphic settings are you using? Example:

Version Information
iPhone 6s
iOS 14.3

Airplane Count: None/Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Objects: High
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Anti-Aliasing: On
Frame Rate limit: 30fps

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iPhone 7
iOS 15.0.2

Airplane Count: Medium
Rendering Quality: Low
3D Objects: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: Low
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Frame Rate limit: 30fps

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It may be iOS 15, I’ve had performance degradation before when updating in previous years. That’s why I’m still on iOS 14 until Apple comes out with some new builds.

By lag, what kind of fps are you getting? There’s a option in settings that will let you see the performance metrics.


6S on iOS 15 works just as fine as it did in 14 for me, lol. No issues there whatsoever.

@IFOPG-HX1Aviation What’s the storage like on your device, how much is free? Do you have any apps running on the background (double tap the home button, swipe up to close)? Have you done a restart on your device recently (press and hold on both your home and power button for 10 seconds to force restart)?

Had a customer in the other day with an older iPad having similar performance issues, and the fact that he had 140 apps running didn’t help. That, along with the with the restart cleared it up for him. Storage might also be an issue here.

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i have plenty of storage, perhaps it is the background apps

it is 30 fps

That is great to hear. I just heard there’s still some bugs overall so I think I’ll wait a bit more. Good to know though.

That is also awesome to hear. Could be your internet connection then. I’d try to focus on troubleshooting that. The crackling noise I believe can happen with freezing and the freezing normally happens when you loose connection.

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ah i see. thank you so much guys.

On iPhone X I have this but not as bad it doesn’t freeze but I just get low FPS

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