Lag On IOS device

It’s just to notify the staff team about ongoing issues, they have already introduced a hot fix, but the point of leaving this thread open is to have a place for people to provide feedback on whether it has resolved the issue.


Yes I think that’s interestingly enough is what I’m experiencing. My fps at busier airports will go from 60 to 20-30 and really its not what I should me experiencing.

Ok I’m goin to tell you a bug that infinte flight on IOS that had to be fixed, I don’t know if you guys Are having the same probleme as me.

Ok so what ever I land, I just start drifting to the right (even tho there’s no cross wind) I used rudder but still no use. And then I gain 90,000 feet of altitude then, I ended back on the ground and then the plane I’m using (A380) Started to change to another plane and another over and over again for 1 minutes. Then, you know what happend infinte flight crashed.

This is worst flight I had ever had!

Hope you fix this, I had to tell you guys this!

Please create a separate topic about that with as much information and possibly videos as well, since that has no relation to this topic at all :)


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I want to but I can’t do that because I’m only trust level 1, so I can’t do that

You can create topic in #support being TL0… so that’s not entirely true :)

Ok thanks I’ll try

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So just something quick just got a new iPad 8 because my old one had dust under the screen and a new one hasn’t fixed lag either so I don’t think it’s are iPad/iPhone I think it’s an IOS or IF problem.