Lag On IOS device

Exactly, and if you need a more powerful device, like the iPad Pro, I don’t have money for one like that, I hardly have the most basic things, first I was flying on an iPad 2, and I couldn’t fly anymore why did you need IOS 10 from now on, and it only got to IOS 9.7.0, I had to wait several years to buy another one, which is the current one I have.

What’s really bad is that this was my first apple device. I had just moved from a Samsung so I had to buy IF a pro sub


It is recommended that you do not mention the name of other simulators. maybe that’s why they close the topic.

Well this topic will be closed before we get any help or insight

If this never does get fixed I after the store reopens I will have 30 days to return. (To make things worse my iPad has a faulty screen so I’ll ither return or get a new one)

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Take a look at this, It was another issue but schyllberg said the issue on iOS is known and they are working on it

Same, its also my first Apple device

Okay that’s great! (: let’s hop it gets fixed!

I am having lag on an apple device as well

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Yes this is not uncommon.

Yeah, I am glad that I am not the only one that has been having that issue. I also get it on gusty windy.

I wonder if any staff are going to reply to this…

I have been suffering from lags a lot lately… I have an iPad Air 3rd generation and got lags even in replay

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Not surprised! The iPad 8,iPhone XS,iPad Air 3 and some others also have the a12.

I have a Factory new iPad Pro 12.9 and it’s lagging too


Before entering a flight shutoff you device for about 5 minutes.

Must be something about that iPad then.

a brand new iPad Pro ? current generation ? i dont think so

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It isn’t lag of low FPS, is random stutters and is really annoying

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