Lag On IOS device

Try clearing up some storage and run low graphics.

Hi, I use iPhone 11 and even at busy airports works fine. Make sure your device is up to date as in software. Ensure your IF app is up to date. If not, could be a bug or most likely your device can no longer handle high traffic counts in IF. Check your storage isn’t full/nearly full too.

I’ll check all know ty

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As I mentioned in my original post, please contact support if you’re still having issues. They can try and narrow down what is happening and give you specific tips on what to do


I sincerely hope the next update will fix this lag for good. It is affecting the controls, causing speed violations and crashes… And yes, I’ve adjusted the graphic options all to lowest possible and my Ipad Pro (2nd gen) has about half of its capacity left. I truly don’t mind about the 3D buildings or other visual improvements if the lag problems don’t get fixed.

Hello @Pilot_Aaltonen, sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Feel free to follow the instructions given by Cam in the reply above your own. This should hopefully help you to resolve the issue. Here linked is a topic that should help you to do just that.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in any of the articles linked above, please send an e-mail to with as much details about your inquiry as possible. You may also post a topic in the #support category where you can get assistance from our community users. (Extract from the linked topic)

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When I was talking to support they said that 21.1 will have performance improvements. So hopefully that will help but that might not help but that’s what i was told.They unfortunately weren’t able to fix my problem though.

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Yeah, my version is 14.4.1 and after reading the Q&A, there is nothing I can do more at my end.

Keeping my fingers crossed that next update will deliver some improvement on constant lagging.

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Ummm well just figured both of us are on the wrong version. iOS 14.4.2 got released not that long ago. ima update know. ( this probably won’t help but anything to try fix this)

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@El_YuainXD any update? Did u find anything that helped with lag?

Nope, I tried everything but no luck, lets see if 21.1 will fix it 🤷

Just thinking what storage options is everyone using on iPad 8 I’m using 32gb

I am using 32gb.

Im also using 32gb but I have like 7gb left

Right okay just checking if it had anything to do with storage!

I too have had a similar experience and I’m wondering if others can also report a lot of lagging with nearby aircraft, as in not smoothly turning or making manoeuvres?

Yes that’s exactly when u get lag ! Especially beside 777s. What device do you use?

I’m on the new gen of iPad Air’s - by lag I mean with the aircraft around me, jolt and change position, as in it is not a fluid movement. as well as that, at busy times there is performance lag, as in an fps downturn

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I’m also experiencing a small amount of stuttering while beside aircraft. Device should not be an issue, iPad 8th Gen 2020.

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Honestly with all of the reply’s I think this shouldn’t be a open thread anymore. It’s been up and used for such a long time.

Since I think these issues can’t really be solved for the most part.

But just do the best you can at this point and hope for the best.