Lag On IOS device

It surely has to do with that! The issue is people getting the lag in higher traffic areas. But the weird part is this is only happening to Newer iPad devices.

Yes. Which you would think is the opposite of what should happen with a new powerful device. Anyway good luck fixing it devs.

I believe it is because of the new processors and hardware. Very interesting to say the least.


I don’t know if I asked to do anything with being around a busy area. Last night I was flying to Sydney from Vancouver in my game would freeze out. And nothing on my screen and move and it would resume. And then I would like to start lagging and it’s super annoying.

Try giving this a shot!

I have heard this works for some. What ur describing is something I haven’t heard before.

Hey everyone, thank you for your reports about these issues and for your patience while we investigated.

We just released a new hotfix on iOS (20.03.05) which should fix occurrences of lag that started happening after the last hotfix (for the ATC text-to-speech issues).

From our testing, most of these issues happened after long flights when arriving at an airport with a busy ATC frequency. If you’re still experiencing lag in these situations after this hotfix, we suggest trying these steps on our website first:

If this doesn’t solve your issue, please contact support ( so we can look into this further.


Thank you so much Cam! You are great!

How wonderful 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Cam!!!

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Just wondering has it worked for anyone? Wondering because It hasn’t worked for me. Got worse very sluggish camera as soon as I spawn in on solo

It got worse for me to.

If it’s happening as soon as you’re loading in, it’s likely that your graphics settings are configured too high for your device. Make sure you try the suggestions in the link I posted, and contact support if you’re still having trouble. Cheers!

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I use an iPad 8th Gen with maximum settings and I haven’t experienced any issues since the hotfix. Thanks Cam!


I use a iPad 8th gen and it is great now! I can enjoy IF again! Thank you so much Cam ;)


Hi there! Here is a thread to check out and see if you can fiddle with your graphics a bit to prevent the lag:

Yes but I have the iPad 8th gen which is apparently working better know I’ll check I know again!

Tried has not worke



I know it doesn’t look a lot of a difference but it does to me and does not look the same it worked perfect when I first got this device (January this year) why can’t it be the same?

I have a iPad mini and it lags a lot

What version if mini?

I don’t know I just I was little back then and I played a lot

It doesn’t look like the same “lag” others have defined, it just seems as if your frame rate is limited.

Make sure “Limit Frame Rate” is unchecked in Settings → Graphics. Note that it can potentially cause your iPad to run hotter which will cause iOS to slow down the processor, which may result in more noticeable lag