Lag On IOS device

I agree that happened to me and it worked.


Yea lol (:

Lots of Lag going on! Getting Frusterated!


The frustration is felt by many. But the good news is that the issue is been worked on.

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Hopefully soon, we can have something

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Any info about this project will be posted as a #blog or #announcements.

Let’s stay on topic…lag is the issue and currently no one can assist to fix the issue except what I mentioned above for personal performance.

Please see my above posts


Lagged out again today. Kinda of violent one

Ooooo doesn’t sound fun

I have the same issue but less often

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I was flying from LFPG to KORD.

I was final of 08C and the app suddenly (zizizik)

IPad air 3 had a lot of storage space(29.1/256GB), and I cleared Cache before final approach.

Is my phone problem?

Likely not. Go ahead and read up to a few of my other posts.

Hello everyone. I was just wondering whether the issue with the iPad 8th gen has been fixed? I recently purchased one.

I have the iPad 8 and still have a little lag :( but the good News is that the devs are working on it

Nope still not fixed. IF will be working on this issue but as I said above it will come with Project Metal. I believe a Hotfix is going to come out when the root the source to the issue but until then. Bear with us ur not alone. :)

I will update if I hear or read more!



Oh my gosh lag was horrendous and my screen kept freezing. All settings low! Why is this happening! It’s so annoying

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Oh my that sounds horrible would Not want to be flying then

Yeah I have the same lag problem with my iPad Pro (second generation) and had ever since latest update. Seems that lagging gets worse every time when connected to a busy ATC. Especially when landing (despite having visible aircraft count setting as low) the lag gets so bad that almost impossible to land safely and often results a Go Around. Yesterday at KORD experienced heavy lag while Ground was tuned in and taxiing to active RW, take off was not running smooth either.


It seems that this might be mainly an issue regarding busy airfields with ATC active? On my device I have flown the last two days at a non busy airport with minimal other aircraft and its been very smooth.

Exactly. My first approach at VIDP few minutes ago was again so horror that needed a go around. Relatively busy ATC channel at that moment. Second time made a rough landing on same runway and lagging heavily. Impossible to butter with these problems.

It surely has to do with that! The issue is people getting the lag in higher traffic areas. But the weird part is this is only happening to Newer iPad devices.