Lag on Huwaei p10

Hello! Two days ago my Infinite Flight started to lag when I played multiplayer. Before the game runned very smoth on my huawei p10 so I dont really understand why it started to lag! And the game is still laging when Im playing multiplayer. It only lags when their is people around me in multiplayer otherwise when Im for example at an airport alone it runns very smooth as before! I dont know why it lags. I have all graphics setting on high( I want to keep it so) ant-.aliasing is off and limit to optimaze battery life is also off! The huawei p10 is avery strong device and I can play big multiplayer games and it runs very smooth! This problem with lagis just on Infinite Flight!

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Started to happen to me, consider turning off Limit Fram Rate under graphics, otherwise that helped for a while but not much more. I’m on a Pro 9.7. Considering restoring if that will help it. Also turn off Anti-Aliasing.

There’s big differences in lag and freezing. If you are finding that your devices frame rate is suffering then the best avenue at this point is to lower your graphics settings, disable Anit-Aliasing and lower your aircraft count. You can also do some things on your end with your internet by resetting your router occassionally and run a speed test to see if your connection is strong.

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So mine is lagging, done everything that you have stated expect for lower graphics, which im not keen to do, but I haven’t lowed plane count. Would a restore help?

Restoring your device is a last resort. I did that a while back with my iPad Air 2 (make sure you backup your device before a reset) but then I upgraded to an iPad Pro 10.5.

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Whats your opinion should I restore?

Did it work on your Ipad Air and do you think it will work on my huawei p10?

I have other big multiplayer games and they run very smooth on my device…its just infinite flight

Thinking of doing that for April, wanna get the most out of my 9.7. Did restoring help?

After restoring I found that the app ran smoother yes but nothing is guaranteed. You never know what these devices stock pile so a fresh start may make a difference.

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This happened to me as well. A few days ago the IF started freezing like every 1hr, I’m on my iPad Air 2, and it seems that when I turn on IF, and go in a live server it heats up straight away, and thats when it freezes. Does anyone know why my Device could heat up that fast?

Hopefully, will do what you suggested above, then if worst comes to worst will restore.

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Your device can heat up if your brightness is all the way up and you ahve it connected to a charger. Just lower your brightness and hide the minimap.

Ha, just figured out that my brightness is almost high, also, does it work if i turn on Automatic Low Power mode?

I use low power mode. Give it a shot ;)

Yup it definitely works and it stops from heating my iPad up. Thanks for your support Chris. :) and I just need to get use to not touching the screen as much. :D

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Ok, so I was on Final my iPad was still heating up I tried every possible method to try to keep my device cool, but it just kept heating up. On approach after a 11hour flight my FPS dropped to around 1-5FPS, the next thing I knew was the app crashed… Is there any device that is good for IF? Like a iPhone 6+?

Its still heating up after you hide the minimap and unplug it from the charger?

Yes it still is, I hid the mini map and was not connected to the charger cable, and heated up a lot.
Also is it any good, too lower the graphics down?

Devices can heat up. Best thing to do is keep some space around the device to let the ambient air encompass the device. During departure and arrival especially in crowded/occupied airspace then you will see the demands of the app increase when compared to just cruising at 32,000 feet.

Maybe your battery is getting old and tired as well.