Lag on Huawei P20

Ok so yesterday I decided to play some Infinite Flight as it was about 3 months ago I last played the game because of the summer vacation. But the game laggdd a lot in multiplayer on highest settings(not Anti-aliasing enabled). I cant figure out why? As I’ve played the game on my Huawei P20 really smooth. And the Kirin 970 should be able to handle IF. So what is the cause and what should I do?
(I have already tried to redowload IF)

/Thankful for answers!

So 3 months ago it worked fine, have you installed anymore apps on the tablet that have taken up a lot of space?

The issue could be memory capacity, so I recommend checking it before a moderator arrives to save the day.

I have like 30 apps and 128g but I’ve only used 25% of the c128g so I dont think so…

You have had similar issues in the past, have you tried the same steps that we mentioned in your previous topic?

Did you change anything in your settings?

Can u link it? I think I have besides reseting my phone… which I dont want to do🙄

Here is it:

Could you please answer my other question? What I mean is the graphics settings in IF. Limiting the frame rate helped you with your previous problem. Check if it is still enabled.

Its not enabled… But limiting the frame rate would only make it lag more? lol

No, it won’t lag more. Limiting the frame rate simply does what the name says. It limits the FPS to 30. Try it and see what happens.

Tried it, it just made the game a bit laggier…

I will take it to a PM. Check your inbox. ;)