Lag on flights

Hi everyone,

Recently, when I fly long-haul routes on my 2015 12.9in iPad Pro the first few hours of my flight run very well but after I get a lot of lag and the game will end up crashing where the Infinite Flight application will close.

I am not sure why after hours of the plane flying very smoothly it ends up lagging and crashing. It would be great if this issue wasn’t prevalent.

From this, I’m wondering if an issue is that as the flight progresses more RAM is used and eventually there isn’t enough to sustain the flight. Would frequently clearing the scenery cache help?

Many thanks for your assistance.

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I don’t really have any experience with the IPad Pro on IF. But what are your graphics settings? I also know that if you run out of space your game just crashes randomly

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2017 devices will be struggling now or soon. As updates are getting bigger their operating systems are becoming outdated. You will experience crashing and lagging issues on long hauls without a doubt.
The Support FAQ will just tell you the following roughly

  1. Before every long haul soft restart your device. Holding the power button and sliding it off
  2. Lower graphic settings
  3. have no apps running in the background
  4. lower your airplane count.
    Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

Also it’s a known issue apple devices experiencing more crashes. IOS/ IPad OS13.4 memory hogs and 19.4 being a bigger update to the sim, caused lots of issues. The team are still actively looking for a fix for the issue. So keep checking this thread.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

Would clearing the Infinite Flight scenery cache once in a while help with the issue?


Not really. It may prolong the crashing, but inevitably the sim will crash eventually. Hense why you soft restart your device before you start a flight, so the RAM isn’t being used to keep something else running in the background. Just do what i said above and that’s the best you’ll get right now unfortunately:/ You should be able to fly medium hauls without many if any issues. And those can be 4-7 hours roughly, so aim for 5-6 hour flights for the time being, that would be my non technical advice. If you want long hauls, don’t go to or from a busy airport keep your graphics at the lowest.

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I did it on my old phone, it worked well but yeah you’d have to be doing it often for it to work

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By any chance is your IPad overheating? I know that can take out a lot of the CPU’s performance

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Before my iPad was overheating but placing it on a hard surface meant it wasn’t that hot at all. But even though it wasn’t that hot the app crashed again.

Lower your screen brightness. Lower your settings. Your device shouldn’t overheat. But will still crash as i already said. You have a 2017 model device. Theirs a known issue with apple devices with 2GB Ram or less experiencing lots of crashes on long hauls. And most of those devices are 2018/2019. Your device is 3 years old, not much more there is to be said, i’ve given you everything you could possibly get out of what’s been asked. And then a little more.

Okay, probably worth giving it a try. Will see what happens.

Thanks for your help.

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