Lag on a Lenovo M10 FHD Plus

I just bought the Lenovo M10 FHD Plus tablet, just to play Infinite Flight better, and bigger, on my mobile (Redmi note 9) it goes very well, but on the tablet it has a lot of lag, is it normal?

In honesty, the tablet is exceptionally underpowered. MediaTek paired with a PowerVR GPU ;-;

The tablet is designed more for media consumption and very light gaming rather than for something such as Infinite Flight. It only just meets the minimum requirements.

The Lenovo M10 FHD isn’t really that powerful. My suggestion is turn off anti aliasing and enable 30fps. If it is still choppy then, consider lowering some of the other graphical settings. Or alternatively, you could just play on your Redmi note 9.

On the topic of tablets I was looking at getting the New IPad Air will Infinife flight work well on it I currently only have my IPhone SE 2020 to play infinite flight but my dad will be giving me his IPhone X later this year

Woaa another SE 2020 player!!

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And that relates to this particular topic how?

I’m looking, and the Lenovo M10 looks a little different to an iPhone X. Might just be my eyes though

I really bought the tab, to be able to play infinite flight and while using my mobile, thanks for the info!

No problem! Next time you’re buying a new device for gaming, please do some more research!

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