Lag on a high end device

Ok before anyone starts talking about how the lag is because my device is too old or the devs already know about it, this lag shouldnt actually be occurring on a device like this.

Device: Honor view 20
android version: 9.0
Chipset: Kirin 980 (Same chipset as the huawei mate 20 pro)
Antutu benchmark: 300k plus
Heres the ranking compared to other android devices:

Heres a video showing the lag when on final on expert server. Please disregard the horrible ground texture.

The video shows lag when i was playing using the higest settings possible but with the frame rate capped. I dont know why the lag exists. I have however seen other old threads here with people who have similiar phones with same chipsets also having lag. I did also so a fresh install when the new update was released.

At first i ignored it but now its just getting annoying.

ps. Kudos to the approach controller. Thanks for letting me divert to airport nearby.


Which build of Infinite Flight do you have installed? And thank you for having such a detailed post. Posts that include as much details as possible are great for the team to review.


I have 19.01.2. Latest build as of 15th march.

I don’t believe that is the latest. Could you go ahead and delete Infinite Flight and reinstall. This will ensure for us that you have the latest build with all of the hot fixes installed.

My phone runs IF smoothly but freezes for 10 seconds at times


Just reinstalled. I’m about to start a long haul flight now and will post if I do get any lag.

Dont mind the left black bar.

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The latest update added a graphics option for Anti-Aliasing. Make sure you have that setting. If not you need to pull the latest from the app store. It is advised to uninstall and re-install. Please note that uninstalling will remove existing replays.

19.1.7016.18069 is the version from the about screen for the latest.

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Is it normal for the app to freeze at times

Yes i have had that update for a couple of days since it was released.

No. If you have an issue can you please log a thread in #support? This thread it addressing another user with a specific device issue.


Can you check for a new one? You may need to tweak the various options with and without the AA enabled.

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I have checked and this is the latest update. In terms of AA, i understand that by turning it off it would perform better however there are times where it runs really smoothly but then gets really laggy at times.
The lag will occur majority of the time when the aircraft is actually turning.

You may need to turn down the graphics and turn AA on? You may have to play around with various settings. Also depending on how many planes are in your airspace that could also have an impact.

From 2:04 in the video you can see that it gets smooth but then gets laggy afterwards.

As i have just reinstalled the app, Ill test this flight with the live count set as medium and see how it goes.

However i do believe it may be a phone chipset specific problem based on this thread:

Where the user has a similiar phone but the same chipset and was having issues


The biggest culprit for Huawei devices seems to be Anti-Aliasing. It’s a bit tricky to resolve, as they seems to be doing a lot of things different than the rest of the manufactures. We are aware of these issues and will work on improving them as soon as we’re able to!


I just pmd another person on this forum who has the huawei mate 20 pro (same chipset) and he says its runs extremely smoothly at the highest settings. Hopefully it gets fixed.

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the same thing happend me yesterday turn on Anti Aliasing in settings and it should work it worked for me