Lag Occuring since upgrading to Iphone 11

2 days ago I got a brand New Iphone 11. i have been experiencing lag when flying on single player and when i do atc. keep in mind that it does not lag when i fly online on multiplayer, only single player and when i do atc, This has been happening since i got the new Iphone 11

Is there any other way i can try to fix this or its an ongoing issue with ios which ive heard since 19.4 came out

Steps taken in attempt to fix or reduce lag:
Rendering Resolution on Low
Tried to Put rendering quality on Low
Very Strong Wifi
I Never Fly On Low Power Mode

Only 13.1/64 Gbs is Used On My Phone

This is from the support guide pinned in #support this isn’t only happening to you.

We are aware of a slightly increased crash rate on 19.4 with iOS. The cause of this is not 19.4 directly, but a framework used together with iOS 13 that is leaking a substantial amount of memory. The less RAM your iOS device is equipped with, the greater the risk is of being affected.
Now more than ever, the steps quoted should be followed when attempting a longer flight as it will greatly reduce the risks of experiencing a crash.


General iOS tips:

  • One great thing to do before launching Infinite Flight, is to perform a soft restart of the device. This is a quick and reliable way of making sure your device is operating at peak efficiency. This is done by holding down the power/lock button until you see “Slide to power off”. Then hold down the home button until you’re returned to the home screen. For iOS devices without a Home button, a restart is recommended as the soft restart feature does not exist on those.
  • Make sure you don’t have “Low power mode” on your iPhone. If you have, the battery icon in the top right corner is yellow. This can be deactivated from Settings -> Battery, or from “Control Center” depending on how you have it set up. Having “Low power mode” enabled while using Infinite Flight could result in a performance degradation.
    Note : This is not the same as “Low power mode” in Infinite Flight. This is a device function.

If you are experiencing these crashes, make sure you reduce the following settings:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

This will in addition to what’s already been mentioned, lower the chance of experiencing any crashes.

Of course we are working hard to find a way to resolve it, but please try the steps above in the mean time.


The crash issue should cause lag in that way. Two separate things.
Especially not on Solo and not Live, makes no sense :)

@HappySpartanJay - due to the oddity of the issue, i would suggest reinstalling with a restart in between.


  • Uninstall
  • Restart device
  • Reinstall from App Store
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Tried uninstalling, from there restarting device, and from there reinstalling infinite flight and its still lagging

Are you able to screen record this?
Do you use Limit Frame Rate or not?

limit framerate box is checked, and yes i can try to screen record it

i tried to record it, but the results actually look kind of different on video

Try unchecking it and see if it runs better. Your device should be able to handle it.

ok, i will try that

i have a video of the lag reproduced, im goin to try to put it on here, if not, i will put it on youtube and i will give you a link to the video

Link works best :)

Note: The results on video may look different as i said

The game looks pretty smooth, did I happen to miss something?

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i dont think you did, but as i said, the results might look different in person rather in video

Is there a time stamp I should check? I watched the whole video, and I didn’t see any lag

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go to 1:07

Sorry but 1:07 looks fine to me

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I mean if your used to high refresh rates 60fps could just look noticeably choppy to you, or even if you are just the perceptive type. I really don’t see anything in the video, and my 11 pro (same processor, so should be effectively the same results) has never dropped a frame playing IF, so I’m really not sure what to say…

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are u sure i think u missed something, go back to 1:07 and play it for 5 seconds

I’ve watched it 3 times and I can’t see any lag
Even if there is any, it’s a tiny amount as far as I can see

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